The Velcro Teddy Bears

The Velcro Teddy Bears The Velcro Teddy Bears
The Velcro Teddy Bears are a band mainly hailing from a pub in the Steel City of Sheffield. Made up of a gravelly front-man, two brothers and a sleepy drummer, they make rock and roll how rock and roll should be made, straight from the gut and reminiscent of the 70's excess, without the budget. After winning Yorkshire Unplugged in 2012 they made their début EP 'Coming Back For More' , which showcased our rural, country roots. Our follow up Electric 3-track 'From Steel City Sessions' expanded on our city experiences, and our concurrent dip into the music scene. Incorporating both of these elements into their set they are able to take on any stage and deliver accordingly. 
The band run a pub and showcase a lot of live music, and have learnt how to deliver from these weekly lessons in rock and or roll.
Their musical prowess is formed through a lifetime friendship and 3 year gigging history and they have a loyal following that testaments their hard work, fun natures, and good music.
Keep an eye out for info about their upcoming EP 'What Makes You Right' 

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