Do you play live or have your music played on the radio?

If you are not currently a member of PRS (Performing Right Society) or PPL, you are missing payments for your live performances and radio broadcasts and DMF Digital can help you get these payments.  Every year thousands of pounds goes unclaimed from local acts who are not members of PRS and PPL.

This is YOUR money and will help you with the costs of running your band.

DMF Publishing can help by offering ethical deals to claim money that has been paid by licences from  venues and broadcasters.  We will find your unclaimed royalties and get them paid to you.  

We also put your tracks forward for synchronisations for Film and TV.  We also represent your catalogue of music and promote your act at international events such as the universally known South by South West Festival in Texas.  Should your tracks be used in TV, Film, Adverts or Video games, this will also bring you additional income from your music.

The Deal

By signing up, you will instantly have a publishing deal which will ensure the following:

1. Your songs are registered with performance rights organisations (PRO's) around the world

2. Your royalties are tracked and collected and will be paid to you on a quarterly basis

3. Your live performance/broadcast claims are administered and processed, with royalties paid to your account

4. Your YouTube videos will be monetized

5. Your music is available and represented to our sync clients

DMF's standard publishing deal is non-restrictive and keeps you in control of your copyrights. DMF takes 30% of the royalties it collects on your behalf and there are no sign up fees.

DMF will terminate the agreement at your request with 28-days notice, leaving you free to work with other publishers/collect royalties directly. 

We pay your royalties on a quarterly basis which results in you earning global royalties on a much faster payment cycle than directly via PRO's.

Interested?  Email for further details!

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